Shrink Bigger
By croc E moses ©2011

I’m a joybot. Constantly on the hunt for some emergency happiness. Stuck in this global state of puss, damned up damage, bubble of denial. Third world debt in the throes of thrombosis. I’m struggling to love humans when they need it most. A child once laughed and said to me - Just shrink bigger. Destination love origin

Meanwhile I am still blind sided, side swiped by winds at break neck speed. A gale force guillotine cutting to the chase. It’s got my mind on the run. Only to find myself held up by an army of question marks - Which way to what

Can you see I’m trapped in escapism. Caught in my own straight jacket skin. The great clarification is upon me now. It’s turbulence turbulence turbulence. Reality is taking me for a ride. It’s hard to believe my ship’s coming in when I feel I’m sinking. Sometimes my only freedom is to surrender. Shrink back to bigger picture focus - Shrink bigger. Destination love origin.

I’m not hear to blame you even entertain you, lead you down the garden path of more smug desperate obliviousness. No, the funny money party is over. We’ve inherited a nuclear hangover. I’m here to get clear about our schizophrenia. I’m here to excavate ancient instinct. Here to remember mother nature. Can’t beat her so join her counter culture. A praying mantis shadow boxer trickster mantra - Open source poetry sorcery. Destination love origin.