SPOILT BALLOT (Vote Poetry for President)
By croc E moses ©2012

election culture has reached such comic levels of tragedy
that it would not be preposterous to say vote poetry
vote poetry for president now
new clear now

fear not being the first to cast your poem
to be or not to be a poem amongst poems…that is the question
abstaining is a luxury our great grandchildren cannot afford

come you budding paradoxes
cast your poem
poems of all shapes and sizes and colours
even songs of the beautiful dung beatle-full
any closet poem
even if all you can muster is the creaky whisper
of a bumbling myth
every stone poem counts
even the dark sun buried deep in your chest
this heartburn is your poem
brim forth
cast your poems
get the treasure off your chest
incite the insight
this gentle insurrection cannot be nationalised or privatised
vote poetry