Below are excerpts from key poems some of them due to be published in print and released as audio in 2015. You are invited to access his material on the understanding that it is not commercially exploited and that his rights and lefts as originator are respected.

Which Way to What | view POEM | download PDF | watch VIDEO
“There are so many without homes, here in this country where there are so many empty holiday homes. There are so many with the brains of mannequins, all under the influence of chronic affluence.”

Shrink Bigger | view POEM | download PDF
“I am struggling to love humans when they need it most.”

Song Lines | view POEM | download PDF | see PUBLICATION
“There is freedom to feel, there is power to free our feelings, it’s always here, a strong song sung clear.”

Memory’s Black Fire | view POEM | download PDF | listen to SONG
“Come on all you sparklers You twinklers and fellow flares Keep looking up to each other. Keep breathing blind love songs.”

Praise Poem for Amahle | view POEM | download PDF
“It’s inevitable sooner or later you will become incredible. Magical lyrical formidable”

Pink Churches | view POEM | download PDF | see PUBLICATION | listen to TRACK
“Do you practice left-hand dishwashing? Now close your eyes and try it with no hands. Do you stalk yourself for loop holes? Do you grow young as you glow old?”
“Do you have a plant? Do you love your plant? Do you know that your plant is in love with you?”

Free Range Moth | view POEM | download PDF I watch video
“Free! Free as a free range moth, blinded by delight. I turn to my shadows for reflection on a healthy week of hell in paradise. I wake up jetlagged from my dreams only to be chased by plastic bags and cornered by the wind in a hungry country sentenced to heart burn”

Pace and the Pulse and the Peace | view POEM |download PDF
“Super normal deliciousness, help yourself, to happiness”
“So lets start removing our armor. Everybody see the new knights in shining drama. One fine masterpiece, no more disaster please. Go ahead, flaunt your diamond flaw.”
“Rhythm is our mother tongue, we are rhythm driven.”

Twitching Orange Idiots | view POEM | download PDF | see PUBLICATION
“We….we the dilated peoples, the serial monkeys, the puffy peacocks, general pubic, perfectly above it all, always wanting, and always needing…to be fancy, fancy in our fantasy.”

Water Abounding Love Resounding | view POEM | download PDF
“The ancestors my friend are blowing in the wind, the ancestors are blowing in the wind.”

Frenemy | view POEM | download PDF | see PUBLICATION | see PUBLICATION
“One fine masterpiece, no more disaster please, got to frienemise we get to, deserialise our seriousness, derealise our deleriousness I think so!”
“We got to realise every minute of every hour, we’re either best of friends, best of enemies, hopefully everybody best of frenemies, at least we’re equal when we sleep, rest assured we are equal when we sleep.”

Near (aka Glaciar Tears) | view POEM | download PDF | watch VIDEO
“Oh how singing can be a way of flying that doesn’t need wings.”

Mr Flabergaster | view POEM | download PDF | watch VIDEO
“Up do steady doodle spring, woodpecker beat box flavour, fix it witha chocolate mischievous behaviour.”