Common Suspense (2016)

Driftword (2015)

A collection of song/poem lyrics, artworks and music cd published by the University of South Africa Press as the fourth title in their flagship Flame Series.

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Twilight Sunburn (2004)

Debut indie publication. Layout, doodles, printing and binding done by the pop hermit himself. Including some of his original recycled diaries - if you’re lucky! Click here to order

Mellowdrama - debut album - 2006 - buy on iTunes, listen on Soundcloud or click here to order a limited edition CD as seen in photo below.

Through - 2008 - This book is a pH meter tracking an itinerant pinball while it scribbles through an arena of critical issues. A crash course in wake up calls. A coup de tilt on the mainstream. Click here to order.
top through.jpg

Incite the In Sight - live bootleg - 2010
incite the in sight.jpg

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