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Born an April fool in sub-arctic Canada, croc E moses is now somewhat global African, having lived over half his life in Eswatini (Swaziland) and South Africa. This temperature graduate is now finally poetically licensed. Clever fooligan has made all the right mistakes and has self-realised his irrelevance.

He flirted with rock stardom as a drummer and once upon a time attempted art school and a decade later an MBA. Amongst other expeditions, he has applied himself as a graphic designer, candle shop manager, nude model, indie artist, waiter and pop hermit (part monk, park monkey, mostly moses!) - In other words a fully embodied anthropological experiment!

Mr. Moses has attempted integrating his infinite personality and has even taken it to the stage! He fancies himself a bit of a nectar connector…talking songist…rhythm driven wordsmith…wordle doodle ist…heart headed hartist at heart… borderline magician …dubious flowtician …dinkum nincompoop…and once upon another time he even found himself to be a poet on strike. Well, quite simply he’s brilliant and yes it’s fooking irrelevant. Stay tuned to find out how he was bestowed with such a rambunctious name!

For the last ten years croc E moses has been planting word seed. With an activated sense of scooberty, this poem ranger has been inciting the in sight. His works are serious, sensitive, deep, sometimes profound, equally flippant and possibly humorous. He takes many risks in his content and imagination. He draws upon exposure to extremes. His wordstrings are tasty tangents - His accent, soothing moon root liquorice, sub-dub dollop delicious…treating you to a little bit of everything you like. His performance is mysterious dragonfly capoeira!


Surprisingly and unsurprisingly he has performed at festivals, conferences, schools, universities, open mics, fund raisers, dinner parties, exhibition openings, a rehab centre, Pollsmoor prison, a casino, a catwalk and solo gigs mainly in South Africa, but also as far as Eswatini, Mozambique and different parts of the world. Highlights include:

2023 One Shot Film Festival, SPAIN
2023 K3 Film Festival, AUSTRIA
2023 Morrocco Bound Book & Beer Store, London, UK
2020 First national tour of Canada CANCELLED DUE TO COVID
2019 Orangeville Poetry Festival, Orangeville, CANADA
2018 Elora Poetry Centre, Elora, CANADA
2017 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, Peterborough, CANADA
2016 Sustainable Brands Conference Intl, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
2015 The George Whalley Centenary Conference, Queens University, CANADA
2015 National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, SOUTH AFRICA
2014 18th Poetry Africa International Festival, Durban, SOUTH AFRICA
2014 Maun International Arts Festival, BOTSWANA
2013 Speak the Mind, Arts Alive Festival, Johanesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
2013 GreenPop Reforest Fest, Overburg, Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA
2012 TEDxTableMountain Talk, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
2011 High School Poetry Outreach Program, NW Province, SOUTH AFRICA
2011 Invited poet,Ubuntu Child documentary by J. Catto/1Giant Leap SOUTH AFRICA
2010 Badilisha International Poetry X-Change, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
2009 Support act for Linton Kwesi Johnson, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
2008 Bushfire International Arts Festival, SWAZILAND
2007 Poetry Tent, Latitude Festival, Southwold,UK
2007 Aldeburgh Music Festival, Aldeburgh UK
2003 Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe, New York City, USA
2002 Herman Charles Bosman Literary Festival, SOUTH AFRICA
2001 Grahamstown National Arts Festival, SOUTH AFRICA

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