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© 2008 croc E moses

free as a free range moth blinded by delight
it’s a crash course in wake up calls
where there’s no peace of mind just price of mind
it’s called prisis
did you get that…it’s a criss cross crisis
we are shitting our minds because our minds have a long way to fall
it’s hectic hectic hectic it’s beyond poetic

hmmm, i guess we all get to be dumbfounded in the fun folded flippant times
hopefully everybody downloading mind
searching like a little sniff snoopy snoof
sniff snoopy snoof, oh there we are
juggling curveballs
trying to connect
dot to dot deja vu
deja vu deja vu danger view
it’s still a criss cross crisis
stash upon stash of Zimbabwean cash
where money as we know it is the truest lie of all
and it’s keeping our self destruction in business
how much longer must we suck petrol pump penis
charcoal lipstick kiss on our lips apocolips

woah, in the face of so much timeache
in the face of so much dreamache
it looks like things are going going gone
looks like tings gone dodgy octagon
unison of everything becoming its best
everything becoming its worst
because the past is living rent free in our souls
how will we forgive love
how will we love without lying
when will we when will realise
the only revolution left is treelike and fookin celibate
as in stop fookin each other over puff turbo cork screw
the only revolution left is treelike
so let your roots take wing