Slipnet Review by Wamuwi Mbao, 2016

George Elliott Clarke (Poet Laureate of Toronto) Review of Driftword, 2015

…I have read and reread your poems in driftword, and listened four times to the CD where voice and music and art and percussion bring so many other dimensions to the work. For me this is a totally new genre and I am enjoying it immensely. It communicates clearly, the word-play is both clever and poetic, the rhythm carries everything and the whole is artistic in a uniquely profound way.” - Joan Eichner, Canada 2015

Jesamé Geldenhuys, Grahamstown Festival, 2015

Melissa Baird, Driftword, Cape Town 2015

croc E moses opened with a short series of performance poems that gripped the heart almost before the listener had a chance to savour his words. A mixture of praise and protest, the words as seen on a page might have seemed nonsensical, yet when performed they made perfect sense.” - Samantha Orange, Reviewing Listening Beautifully, Cape Town 2014

Sarah Berman & Sarah Feldbloom, Bushfire Festival, Swaziland 2011

“Like it? I think he’s masterful!… I think he loves life, and definitely love, and has thrown himself into both enough to laugh at himself and them both. I can see why his performance brought down the house. He’s the king of suggestion, naughty but so nice. I especially like the line that I remember as, “I love my love because she loves love.” Much fun and a very “dangerous” man for many women, I suspect.” - Kitt Albritton, USA 2009

“I love your way with words, you joy fully unlock the gird this English tongue can be, revealing the hidden magic of music and meaning within.” - Malika Ndlovu, Cape Town 2008

“Canadian born poet Croc E Moses mystified the crowd with politically charged poems and personal comments on contemporary issues on the continent. His experiences in Canada, Swaziland and South Africa echoed in renditions punctuated with metaphors, and accompanied by live and recorded music.” - John Owoo, Ghanaian Journalist, Bushfire Festival, Swaziland 2008

“In the Poetry Arena new talent is featured heavily with the addition of the ‘New Voices of Poetry’ section. This is an opportunity for up and coming Poets to showcase their talent on stage. Last year acts included Croc E Moses, an extraordinary spoken-word performer who uses his native South African rhythms…” - Latitude Festival, UK 2007

  • Cape Times - Sandile Dikeni - Mon 26 Feb 2001